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Learn & Lead

The growing Maxquip team includes people with a number of different specialties. But whatever your exact job designation – shipper, inside sales, outside sales, accountant or even president – ultimately “we’re all salespeople” at Maxquip. Every single one of us communicates with our customers on a regular basis if not constantly. That means each of us has an impact on the sales process, the customer’s opinion of Maxquip and the overall success of our company.

So it’s no surprise that what we’re looking for in new employees above all is a strongly customer-focused attitude. We need an outlook that says, “I’m committed to creating and providing solutions.” It’s not about knowledge or education – it’s primarily about attitude. We can train you in our products and work methods. But only you can bring the right attitude, the fire in your belly, the passion to help our customers succeed.

As an employer, we strive to create an atmosphere that’s positive for our employees. What matters to us as a culture is to have fun in our work, to take joy in making a difference to our customers, to gain fulfillment from our passion for serving the customer. We work hard and we play hard. We try to make sure that everyone at Maxquip feels they’re part of the team and feels they’re making a contribution.

Our approach seems to be the right one. Maxquip experiences very low turnover among its employees and managers. We’re a constantly growing company, and that means there’ll be opportunities for career advancement and growth. Our policy is to promote from within wherever possible.