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“You tell us you have a situation or a challenge, or you want your operation to run better. We’ll put together a solution that resolves the situation and makes your system run smoothly. That’s when we’re creating value.” – Cameron Stewart, President, Maxquip.

That illustrates the Maxquip philosophy of customer service. We’re agile and creative, and we always try to be faster and smarter – all in service to our customers.

Maxquip has nearly a decade in business to prove it. We were founded in 2002 by a group of industrial parts distribution veterans. The company started out in Calgary, Alberta and expanded to Edmonton, Alberta in 2006, then to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Surrey, B.C. in 2007, and most recently to Montreal, Quebec in 2009. Please click here for more information on our interactive map.

Maxquip’s value proposition to customers consists of:

We believe the Maxquip value proposition speaks to our customers. We’re a growing company and we’re continually expanding our horizons in response to customer needs across Canada and the United States.