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Health & Safety

Health safety

Maxquip’s health and safety measures are geared to safeguarding the activities our people are principally engaged in: warehousing and providing installation and service at our customers’ sites. Safety measures include:

Maxquip has a good WCB record in all provinces where the company operates. The company’s health and safety committee meets regularly to review safety standards and evaluate areas for improvement.

Maxquip Personal Information Protection Policy

MSDS – Gas Injector Care – English – Dec 2015
MSDS – Gas Injector Care – French – Dec 2015
MSDS – Master Leak Detector – English
MSDS – Master Leak Detector – French
MSDS – Masters Metallic – English
MSDS – Masters Metallic – French
MSDS – Masters Pro Dope – English
MSDS – Masters Pro Dope – French
MSDS – Valve Care – English – Dec 2015
MSDS – Valve Care – French – Dec 2015