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Alternative Fuels

Alternate Fuels BCMOT Vehicle

Maxquip is a leading alternative fuel system supplier in North America and markets systems internationally. As the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Prins, we have a growing lineup of customized, accessorized Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) kits fitting many different engine models. Maxquip kits enable users to realize fuel cost savings of up to 40 percent by converting from their original gasoline engines to propane or compressed natural gas, or by adding propane or natural gas injection to diesel engines.

Alternative fuel conversion is popular with fleet users, tradespeople and individuals. Maxquip kits are fully compatible with current electronic fuel injection technology and computerized powertrain management. We offer both single-fuel systems for maximum efficiency and dual-fuel systems for flexibility and convenience. We deal directly with fleet operators and with retail installers of individual applications.

We’re innovators in the area of alternative fuels. The Maxquip-designed DieselFlex system uses computer-controlled propane or natural gas injection to boost your commercial or industrial diesel engine’s performance by up to 30 percent.