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Telemetry & Control

Telemetry and control



Be proactive instead of reactive

Better manage and maximize your resources – and your bottom line.

Meeting demand in today’s volatile marketplace is one of your biggest challenges. You need to ensure that your customers can get the product they need when they need it, while keeping your own costs in check. To protect your bottom line in this time of ultra-tight margins, you must make the most of your fleet, drivers, and fuel. To do that, you need the right tools and information.

Centeron is the solution – With it, you can better manage and maximize your resources. You’ll know when to deliver and when to pick up — avoiding costly run outs, lost business, emergency deliveries, and short fills. Centeron Encompass allows you to increase your profitability through more efficient operations and better forecasting, with greater insight into production changes. The bottom line: it can help you be more proactive instead of reactive, allowing you to protect — even grow — your business.

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Increase job safety and productivity

BASE Engineering is a world leader in developing radio remote control technology for the petroleum industry to increase job safety and productivity.

Radio remote control systems are available for all hose reel unwind and rewind operations. Electronic interlock prevents accidental polarity reversal and reduces back injury and compensation claims.

The end of a transfer hose is no place for an expensive handheld computer. Leaving it in the cab attached to a charging cradle also defeats the purpose. The display screen is small and the keypad is difficult to use. A Windows-based cab-mounted computer with a large screen and glove-friendly keypad is the answer.

BASEstation is built for LNG tanker trucks and designed to seamlessly interface with all other truck and trailer systems. Our engineers have developed bulletproof connections to the LNG meter and tank gauges to capture, report and invoice all LNG transfer activity. BASEstation has built-in GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi capability, plus mapping, routing, OBDII telematics and EOBR driver hours of service reporting.