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Alternative Fuel Systems

At Maxquip we are creative, agile and committed to providing our customers the best possible service!

If you come to us with a problem, we will offer you a solution. Our solution won’t just solve the problem, it will rejuvenate your system in a way that will make your project run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

We have been providing our customers with first class solutions from the most reputable suppliers of Alternative Fuel equipment in the world for the past 16 years. Our Maxquip team delivers solutions backed with exceptional customer service and a team of industry experts to support. In addition to being an exclusive distributor for top name manufacturers, we also offer an exclusive product designed and manufactured by our very own Maxquip team.

The Maxquip Alternative Fuels market began in Calgary, Alberta, in 2002 and then expanded to our branches in Edmonton then Saskatoon, Surrey and Montreal. And most recent, our Toronto and Winnipeg markets. Our client base and type of users continues to rapidly expand.

If you are looking for the best Alternative Fuel experience, you’ve come to the right place.



Prins Autogassytemen BV, a Westport Fuel Systems company, has been a leader in the world of alternative fuel systems development for more than 30 years. The company has gained a reputation of excellence by supplying its OEM, Country Importers and after-market customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions for a great variety of engine types on the market today. Not only is Maxquip an exclusive distributor for Prins in Canada, we are proud to work alongside them as part of the innovation process!


The DieselFlex injection system is designed and manufactured by Maxquip! An innovative and cutting edge injection system created exclusively for our customers.

Developed in Canada by Maxquip, the DieselFlex injection system blends measured amounts of CNG or LPG into diesel engines using state-of-the-art fuel management technology.



Sleegers Engineered Products Inc. is a leading supplier of pressure vessel and propane engineered solutions in North America. Sleegers designs, engineers and fabricates propane dispensers, propane vehicle tanks, bulk plant facilities, air compressors, automated cylinder exchange kiosks and custom pressure vessels.



NGVI NA has five main areas of business: engine systems development for alternative fuels; engines/components for natural gas–fueled buses; exclusive parts supplier for EPA-certified engines (used in many of the new OEM lift trucks); multipoint fuel injection for alternative-fuel vehicles; and manufacture of fuel system components for alternative-fuel engines. All these products are sold under the Streamline™ brand name.