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Valves & Safety

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RegO is a leading manufacturer of valves, regulators and fittings for use with LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia (NH3).

Pressure Relief Valves & Relief Valve Manifolds
Globe & Angle Valves
Excess Flow, Check, Filler & Vapour Equalizing Valves
Internal Valves & Accessories
Adapters, Connectors & Fittings
Miscellaneous Equipment (Incl. Rotogagues & ESV’s)
Application Guide
Regulators & Accessories
Cylinder & Service Valves
Multivalve Assemblies
Repair Manual
ACME Low-Emission Hose End Valve for loading Bobtails and Transport


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RegO® Cryo-Flow Products offer quality equipment specifically designed for industrial gas and cryogenic applications.

Cryoflow Goddard Catalogue
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Metal Goods Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing check valves, fittings, tank gauges and test equipment for more than 4 decades.

166 Wafer-style excess flow check valve
167 Wafer-style back check valve
189 Flanged excess flow check valve
217 Wafer-style excess flow check valve
218 Wafer-style back check valve
230 Flanged back check valve


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Eayuan Metal Industrial Co. (EMICO) is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel ball valves.

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Gasguard nozzles are manufactured by LG Equipment, an Australian company formed in 1987 that is now a leading designer and manufacturer of LPG nozzles throughout the world.

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