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After Sales & Maintenance

After sales and support

Giving our customers the sales and after-sales support they need is one of Maxquip’s core values.

We’re solutions providers, not order takers. You don’t need to know any part numbers when you call us. If you say a part is leaking, not working or looks worn out, we’ll diagnose the problem, identify the part or parts in question, size the replacement and provide advice on any other parts of your system that you might need to look at.

For new equipment, if you tell us what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll put together the entire package: specs, sizing and every component down to the last connector. We’ll provide you with installation support or install the system for you if required. If you’re planning an advanced or highly customized system, we’ll work with your engineer or the manufacturer’s engineering department to ensure expert design of the entire system so that each part is chosen and sized exactly right for the application.

After your parts are shipped, we’ll follow up with you to make sure everything is going well.


At Maxquip, we service everything we sell. Nothing goes out our doors that we don’t know how to service, maintain, repair or overhaul. It’s that simple.

The service process starts with telephone technical support to diagnose the issue. Then we’ll develop the solution. If needed, we’ll send a qualified troubleshooter/installer out to your field site – even if it’s a 12­-hour drive from our nearest location. Or you might send the part back to us. Sometimes we’ll work with a qualified third party, such as the manufacturer or other field service providers, for on-site diagnosis and repair/replacements.

Wherever possible, we provide you with options for repair vs. replacement that represent a range of cost and service-life solutions. We have in-house capability for field troubleshooting as well as repair/maintenance and major overhauls such as rebuilds of pumps.

We offer the manufacturer’s warranty on all components sold by Maxquip.